Server side safe JSON

We are working on a project which involves a lot of JQuery and JSON. We wanted to make sure that the JSON does not fail to evaluate so I got the function given below (after a bit of searching) to make the string safe so that it successfully evaluates. There you go…..

// Make a string safe for JSON evaluation
private static string SafeJSON(string sIn)
    StringBuilder sbOut = new StringBuilder(sIn.Length); //using the StringBuilder Class for performance
    foreach (char ch in sIn) //Looping through the string (dont u think a counter is better???)
        if (Char.IsControl(ch) || ch == '\'')
            int ich = (int)ch;
            sbOut.Append(@"\u" + ich.ToString("x4"));
        else if (ch == '\"' || ch == '\\' || ch == '/')
    return sbOut.ToString();

Hope this helps.

Happy Programming!!!



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