Did You Know?

I was just wondering how it would be to have a “Did You Know” section in our blog. The objective of this section would be to have a max of 4 lines of text where in the first line would be the Title (duh), second line would be  Solution, third line would be how it could be useful and finally a simple example. Let me know what you think.

Let me start of by giving the DYK series # 1

Did You Know that “It is possible to have default Binding in WPF?”

Solution : Just specify the FallbackValue

How can it be helpful: Helps designers to see some value before the control gets bound.

Example :

<TextBox Margin="4" Text="{Binding Path=FirstName, FallbackValue=First name goes here}" FontStyle="Italic" Grid.Column="1"/>

Hope this helps.

Happy Programming!!!



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