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Web Forms RegisterStartupScript Fails

I have been working on MVC for close to 4 years now and have been out of touch with Web Forms. In one of our product (web forms grrrrrrrrrrr) I had to help our my team who was facing a weird problem.

ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript block was not registering the javascript at all….We tried numerous methods (load, prerender etc) but it always failed. That is when my team mate found that the form tag is missing the runat=server and it worked!!!

So this if for people who are facing the exact same problem. Add the runat server to your form tag for your clientscript or startupscript to work.

Happy Programming!!!




Dynamics CRM Email Routing – LogonIdentityExWithUI problem fix

This post is for self (so that I don’t forget) and for people who are frustrated (like me) while configuring Email Router for CRM 2013 Online.

We are doing a proof of concept for CRM and it required email integration. We thought how hard it is going to configure email router for CRM 2013 since we were using office 365???? We were so wrong!!! It is hard as hell to configure it. Following are the steps:

Pre-Steps before even installing Email Router:

1. Go to Settings -> Users. Select an User -> Go to Administration section -> Click on Mail (Would take you to mail box) -> Now select both Incoming and outgoing to use Server Synchronization or Email Router and Click Approve Email  (This has to be done for every user)

2. Go to Settings -> Business Management -> Queues and do the above step for every element in the queue

Now install the Email Router. Configure the incoming and outgoing emails. In the deployment almost all the sites will tell you to use<orguniquename&gt; and it will never work. Use the following:<orguniquename&gt;

Hope this helps someone who is facing LogonIdentityExWithUI problem when you give Load Data.

Happy Programming!!!