Bryan made his return to geek life about 3 years ago after a brief 5 year break from programming to follow his dream of being a struggling musician. He is currently working as a Lead Developer working with .Net and MSSQL. He was born in Cleveland Ohio and has lived mostly in Columbus for the last 10 years. He enjoys the latest Microsoft technologies (considers himself anti(anti-microsoft)), web development and design, enjoys reading stuff like slashdot, codinghorror, thedailywtf or anything that helps him continue to better his craft of software development.


Raja has been programming for more than 8 years. He started of with C and C++ which laid a good foundation to his programming career. Later he tripped and fell into VB (its ease of use still amazes him) and eventually into web programming. He is very passionate about new technologies and gets really excited about challenges. He is currently working on projects involving the latest technologies like ASP .Net (3.5), VB, C#, SQL Server 2005 (going to upgrade to 2008), JQuery, WPF, WCF. He is very fortunate to have great peers and gurus (Scott Gu, Scott Hanselman, Karl Shifflett, John Resig, Pinal Dave, Omar Al Zabir ….) who support and motivate him.


Ron has been infatuated with technology since he was a child. He fondly remembers programming in BASIC on a TI-99 in the mid-eighties. He has been doing geek work full time ever since leaving active duty from the USMC in 2005. Landing a gig in BI, Ron crossed over from web development. Now thoroughly engrossed, Ron concentrates on Database Development/Database Administration and the technologies that interact with the DBMS. He specializes in SQL Server and MySQL, with an occasion diversion in .NET and PHP. He currently works as a consultant in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Ron has been blogging since January 2004, mostly about his kids.

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