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Easy way to move documents – Sharepoint

We wanted to move a whole bunch of documents from one folder to another and was looking for a easy way to do it. I Googled it and got the answer:

From your computer go to “My Network Places”, click on “Add network connections” enter the URL for the site you want to open as a network place. This will open the site as a network folder; you will need to open two instances of the network place if the document libraries are located on the same site. Double click on the Document Folder which contains the documents you want to move in one window, and drag them to the Document folder in the other window.

Another optional way to open a WSS site as a folder is to use Internet Explorer to open the site as a web folder. Select File — Open from IE, Enter the URL of the site in the text box and select “Open As Web Folder”, click “OK” and the site will open as a web folder. Here you will have the same option of dragging or cutting and copying documents between document libraries.

Using this method you can also easily copy files from your computer into Document Libraries or even save email attachments to the WSS Network Place.

A note if you renamed your Shared Document Folder on the WSS site, it will always be named Shared Document Folder when you browse the site as a Web Folder or Network Place.

Hope this helps 🙂

Happy Programming,