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Disappointed with Linq to Entity :-(

We have a scenario where in we have to check for the existence of User Information in a database (residing in production SQL Server) other than the application database. We are using LINQ to EntitiesĀ as our data cum business layer (Isn’t that what it should be ???). Since I have to get the information from another database (or server rather) I didnt want to create another entity set so I just created a stored proc in my application database to check for that (we have linked server set up so just took 2 mins to write the SP). Now I cannot use the written stored procedure in my L 2 E since it is not returning any entity as such :-(. I searched online and could not find any direct methods to do so. We have to work around to make this happen. I hope they fix this in the forth coming releases. Do you guys know of any direct method by which I can make use of a function import which does not return a value or a scalar value?

Happy Programming!!!